World Chess Championship 2010 Topalov – Anand Game 12 LIVE!

Live games commentary by GM Alexandra Kosteniuk

Anand Topalov 2010

The last classical game of the FIDE World Championship between Anand and Topalov starts at 14:00 CET and it will be live on with the commentary of the World Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk. Topalov will have the white pieces and you can follow the game at this link.

You can replay the previous four games with commentary following the links below. The current score is tied 5,5:5,5. All news of the 2010 championship are in Anand-Topalov index page

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Game 12 photo gallery

Game 11: Anand – Topalov draw

Game 10: Topalov – Anand draw

Game 9: Anand – Topalov draw

Game 8: Topalov – Anand 1-0

Game 7: Anand – Topalov draw

Game 6: Anand – Topalov draw

Game 5: Topalov – Anand draw

Game 4: Anand – Topalov 1-0

Game 3: Topalov – Anand draw

Game 2: Anand – Topalov 1-0

Game 1: Topalov – Anand 1-0

Game ten video

Anand-Topalov index page

Topalov Anand g12

The beginning of 12th game

Final handshake

The final handshake as Topalov resigned after 56…Qg7

WWCC Closing 4

Alexandra Kosteniuk will comment the World Chess Championship