Mtel Masters – Round One Live Commentary

Carlsen and Shirov win, Wang – Dominguez drawn

mtel masters

Welcome to the round one live games commentary from Mtel Masters on! Today you will have the chance to follow all three games with GM commentary and we will be updating the events from Sofia all day long on the main page.

All news about Mtel Masters can be found at the general page, photos are available at photo gallery.

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Carlsen – Topalov1:0

Ivanchuk – Shirov0:1

Wang Yue – Dominguez1/2-1/2

15:30 CET

Due to technical reasons the official live feed from Mtel Masters has been stopped by the organizers. This interrupts the live commentary as well, but we will keep updating you from the site with minute by minute updates.

15:45 CET

At least the people around the glass cube in Sofia will be able to enjoy some action. It is a partially cloudy day here in Sofia, and many curious spectators are collecting in front of the glass cube.

15:50 CET

Wang Yue surprised Dominguez with the opening choice and the Cuban GM is in deep thought at the moment. He has spent considerably more time than the Chinese grandmaster.

Carlsen also has slight time advantage, while Ivanchuk and Shirov are managing their time accordingly.

16:15 CET

It is very possible that the “Play like Topalov” game, where participants have to guess the move of Topalov, will be postponed for the next rounds. We will get official confirmation as soon as possible.

However, this almost for sure leaves the current guessing record intact.

16:30 CET

It is getting quite noisy around the glass cube. We remember in Bilbao last year players were complaining that at times the cell was not totally sound proof. The organizers of Mtel stated yesterday at the press conference that improvements were made this year. We will see what the players will say after the round.

16:35 CET

Dominguez is facing time trouble, as he has some 35 minutes left. However, that does not stop him from walking around the playing area. He has been the one with most kilometers today.

carlsen topalov

The mayor of the city Boiko Borisov making the first move

16:55 CET

The photo above is by the official site, it shows the reason why the games have started 10 minutes later. There was a multitude of journalists and the players had to deal with a lot of noise and attention in the first minutes. Later on the journalists have left and the general audience is situated right behind Topalov (next to Yue and Dominguez).

For thos curious how a glass cell is being constructed, check out the video here.

17:25 CET

Both Dominguez and Ivanchuk are going critically low on time with under 10 minutes each. Carlsen is also better on time (30 minutes) compared to Topalov (12 minutes), what we cannot update you is how many moves are there until the time control. The look on Ivanchuk’s face, however, says a lot, he is in deep thought and from time to time walking around nervously.

17:35 CET

Official confirmation, Shirov just won his round one game against Ivanchuk. This will prevent Ivanchuk from repeating the wonderful opening from last year, when he started with 5,0/5.

On the other hand this is a great first round for Shirov, who will be looking for a second consecutive title after the President’s Cup won in Azerbaijan. It is no coincidence that Topalov stated in an interview he expects the surprises from Shirov.

17:45 CET

For the last moves Dominguez has been moving instantly, while Wang Yue is spending several minutes per move. Dominguez was spending a lot of time after the opening, where Wang Yue obviously surprised him. As soon as we have the moves we will post them in the live game links (find them in the upper part of the left sidebar).

17:50 CET

Dominguez made it to the time control and again went into deep thought.

18:00 CET

Right as all eyes were focused on the time trouble of Dominguez, Magnus Carlsen defeated Veselin Topalov in the top pairing of the day.

18:25 CET

The games Carlsen – Topalov was a Slav defence. It continued until move 36. Stay tuned for all the moves.

topalov carlsen

19:35 CET

Wang – Dominguez still ongoing, while dark is falling on the streets of Sofia. Curious bypassers are stopping in front of the glass cube to observe the lone players.

20:10 CET

Wang – Dominguez finally finished in a draw! Thank you everyone for following our commentary, we are hoping to return to the regular format tomorrow.

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