Carlsen – Aronian LIVE!

Live commentary by IM Alexander Ipatov

One more time Carlsen – Aronian, and one more time in the first round of a super tournament! Round 1 of Bilbao Final Masters 2008 paired them together (replay game here) with reverse colors; a game in which Carlsen managed to create a masterpiece on the board. Now in Tata Steel round 1 they meet again, with Carlsen having white.

Besides in the first round Bilbao, Carlsen and Aronian have had quite a number of clashes in the past years, here are some of them commented:

(click on the links for the commented games)

Round 6 game of Final Masters 2008
Round 7 of Linares Morelia 2008
Round 4 of Corus Chess 2008

Round 4 of Tal Memorial 2009
Round 4 of Wijk Aan Zee 2009
Round 8 of Linares 2009

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